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Building on the success and momentum of Maxim Lighting®’s core constituencies of decorative residential lighting distributors and lighting showrooms, four complementary programs round out the family by serving specialized segments of the industry with the same signature philosophy that has built a strong and lasting reputation for Maxim Lighting since 1975.

With more than 500 builder-specific units available in the traditional and transitional categories, Maxim Lighting® provides exceptional lighting packages to medium and large multi-family builders through showrooms. However, builders are not restricted to the 500+ products identified for their needs. All Maxim Lighting lines are available, and many builders in areas with strong municipal ENERGY STAR rebate programs take advantage of Maxim Lighting’s extensive line of products that meet these requirements. A complementary internal support system uses an existing database that continuously updates as new pricing and styles emerge so that builders and showrooms can quickly obtain quotes and up-to-the-minute stock information. Large warehouses with healthy fill-rate levels on both the West and East Coasts ensure a quick and accurate shipment every time. 

Commercial, Hospitality and Retail
Based on the success of the builder internal support system and the growing demand for contemporary styling in commercial projects, Maxim Lighting® launched a program to meet the unique needs of commercial projects. Strategically utilizing the expertise of builder program support agents as well as customer service representatives that are most familiar with the unique needs, proforma, invoicing, and logistic needs of these accounts, this program can efficiently provide quotes, samples, and product training, as well as an array of ADA-compliant fixtures that allows for style, function, and responsibility in building.

Responding to the increasing demand for e-commerce, Maxim Lighting® leads the lighting industry as one of the first companies to embrace this new format. With privacy and protection as primary concerns, Maxim Lighting established strict IMAP policies to prevent e-commerce businesses from unfair advantages over showrooms. Maxim Lighting’s steadfast adherence to these polices have garnered respect from both the e-commerce businesses who appreciate the ability to conduct transactions electronically, and the showrooms who have seen how the process has actually drawn additional business to their physical facilities. This program employees a specialized group of customer service agents sensitive to the needs of this market. Many customers have EDI (Electronic Data interface) systems established through which they receive real-time inventory feeds, purchase order confirmations, and shipping and invoicing information. For those without EDI, Maxim Lighting is able to provide this same information through Internet platforms and standard email. Additionally, Maxim Lighting’s shipping personnel and even the executive officers are available by phone during extended morning and evening hours for the convenient of customers on both coasts.

With an ever-growing family of customers, Maxim Lighting®’s commitment to extraordinary service drives the Maxim Lighting CARES Program designed to help clients attract business and allow them to offer quick, affordable options to their customers.

Enabling valued distributors to ensure the highest customer satisfaction, Maxim Lighting’s CARES Program makes doing business simple and rewarding with exclusive benefits such as: no minimum order charge; overstock, one-for-one buy back policy; reduced order size for “freight allowed only” shipments; rebate programs at some levels; and advertising allowances.

Through other programs, Maxim Lighting helps customers grow their businesses by bending over backwards to create a fair and mutually beneficial working relationship. For example, Maxim Lighting will draft clauses for freight, cross-shipping, or defect allowances for a one-year period through a shared document called a “deals letter.” In addition, Maxim Lighting gives special express pricing on selected products and responds with quotes within 24 hours, further illustrating the depth and breadth of Maxim Lighting’s philosophy to listen and assist on every level.
Over the course of the last two years in which our company has been involved with Maxim Lighting’s builder program [CARES], we have enjoyed free models, a timely paid rebate, and quality lighting products delivered to our many projects through distribution with a very low back order rate. The style of products offered by Maxim Lighting is vast in selection and caters to the demands of the code requirements of California.

The relationship between Maxim Lighting and Pinnacle Communities is built upon flexibility and a working understanding of industry partners to enhance the profitability of our company. Maxim Lighting deserves serious consideration by any builder looking to make a relationship with a manufacturer in the building industry for their lighting needs.
—John Bell, Purchasing Director, Pinnacle Communities

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