Low Voltage Magnetic Dimmers

StarStrand® Dimmable Drivers have been tested and are compatible with the following Cooper, Leviton® and Lutron® Low Voltage Magnetic Dimmers.

When reviewing your dimmer options it is important to keep an eye on the minimum load requirements for both the driver and the dimmer. First you look for the minimum load of the driver. 60w Dimmable Drivers must be powering at least 30w of StarStrand. 100w Dimmable Drivers must be powering at least 50w of StarStrand. Second you look at the minimum load of the dimmer. Some dimmers, as indicated below, require there be at least 40w of StarStrand for proper operation. Some of the more advanced featured dimmers will also require a Lutron Synthetic Minimum Load device (LUT-LBX).

Model 12V 60w Dimmable Driver 24V 60w Dimmable Driver 24V 100w Dimmable Driver 40w Minimum Load Synthetic Load Required Tested in House
Cooper Aspire 9530WSYYYNNY
Leviton Accenti Dimmer ATM06NYYYNY
Leviton Illumatech Dimmer IPM06-1LXYYYNNN
Leviton Illumatech Dimmer IPM06-1LZYYYNNN
Leviton Illumatech Dimmer IPM10-1LZYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM06-1NYYYNY
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM06-1LAYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM06-1LIYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM06-1LWYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM10-1LAYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM10-1LIYYYNNN
Leviton Mural Dimmer MDM10-1LWYYYNNN
Leviton SureSlide Dimmer 6613-PLAYYYNNY
Leviton SureSlide Dimmer 6613-PLIYYYNNN
Leviton SureSlide Dimmer 6613-PLTYYYNNN
Leviton SureSlide Dimmer 6613-PLWYYYNNN
Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LAYYYNNN
Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LIYYYNNN
Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LIYYYNNN
Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LTYYYNNN
Leviton ToggleTouch Dimmer TGM10-1LWYYYNNY
Leviton Vizia Dimmer VPM06-1LZNYYYNY
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-600PYYYNNY
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-600P-YYYNNN
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-600P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-603P-YYYNNN
Lutron Ariadni Dimmer AYLV-603P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Ceana Dimmer CNLV-600PYYYNNN
Lutron Ceana Dimmer CNLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-103PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-103P-YYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-103PH-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-103P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-10PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-10P-YYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-10PH-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-10P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-600PYYYNNY
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-603P-YYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-603PH-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVLV-603P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-103PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-103P-LYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-10PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-10P-LYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-600PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer DVSCLV-603P-LYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-1PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-1PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-1PSNLYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-3PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-3PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-3PSNLYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-4PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-4PSYYYNNN
Lutron Diva Dimmer SC-4PSNLYYYNNN
Lutron Glyder Dimmer GLV-600YYYNNN
Lutron Glyder Dimmer GLV-600-YYYNNN
Lutron Grafik Eye GRX-2400NYYYYY
Lutron Lyneo Dimmer LXLV-103PLYYYNNN
Lutron Lyneo Dimmer LXLV-10PLYYYNNN
Lutron Lyneo Dimmer LXLV-600PLYYYNNY
Lutron Lyneo Dimmer LXLV-603PLYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-1PSYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-1PS-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-1PS-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-3PSYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-3PS-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-3PS-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-4PSYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-4PS-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NT-4PS-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1000YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1000-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1003PYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1003P-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1003P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1500YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1500-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1503PYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1503P-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-1503P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-2003PYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-2003P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-600YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-600-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-603P-YYYNNN
Lutron Nova Dimmer NTLV-603P-SYYYNNN
Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-1000YYYNNN
Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-1000-277YYYNNN
Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-1500YYYNNN
Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-600YYYNNY
Lutron Nova T Dimmer NTLV-600-277YYYNNN
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-600PYYYNNY
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-600P-YYYNNN
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-600PH-YYYNNN
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-603PYYYNNN
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-603P-YYYNNN
Lutron Skylark Dimmer SLV-603PH-YYYNNN
Lutron Toggler Dimmer TGLV-600PRYYYNNY
Lutron Vareo Dimmer V-1000YYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer V-1000-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer V-600YYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer V-600-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETN-1000YYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETN-1000-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-1000YYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-1000-YYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-1000-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-1000-SLYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-1000-SL-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-A-SLYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-A-SL-SYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-RYYYNNN
Lutron Vareo Dimmer VETS-R-SYYYNNN

If you have questions on compatibility for any other Low Voltage Magnetic Dimmer, please contact us. Please make sure to include the manufacturer and the model number of the Low Voltage Magnetic Dimmer.