Vivex™ Outdoor Lighting

Beauty that Lasts! Exclusively from Maxim LIghting, Vivex, the new standard in outdoor lighting, boasts a winning combination of innovation, intricate design capabilities, quality construction, and astonishing finishes. Combined, these elements create outdoor fixtures that are non corrosive, UV resistant, and backed by a 3-Year Limited Warranty.


Vivex and Innovation

  • With over twice the strength, Vivex is far superior to polyurethane resin material used in traditional outdoor lighting.
  • Vivex withstands temperature greater than 130°F and less than -20°F

Vivex and Design

  • Injection under pressure into quality steel molds makes Vivex a very hard and dense component.
  • The molding process frees designers' creativity, enabling them to implement imaginative designs without the restrictions imposed by the traditional resin process.

Vivex and Innovation

  • A special paint finishing process with superior adhesion qualities developed specifcially for Vivex resulted from a joint effort between the material manufacturer, the paint manufacturer, and Maxim Lighting.
  • Maxim Lighting oversees the entire Vivex production process from molding to finishing.

Vivex Collections

Balboa VX   Bastille VX   Beacon Hill VX   Camden VX
Carriage House VX   Dover VX   Essex VX   Garden VX
Knob Hill VX   Lake Shore VX   Lexington VX   Montecito VX
Morrow Bay VX   Newbury VX   Pacific Heights VX   Santa Barbara VX
Southport VX   Triumph VX   Westport VX   Whittier VX



Vivex Energy Saving Collections

Balboa VX ES   Lake Shore VX ES   Pacific Heights VX ES   Westport VX ES





Vivex Brochures

Vivex Brochure   Vivex Brochure