Life’s a beach!
Even if you live miles...or states away from the beach you can create your own seaside getaway in the comfort of your own home with Coastal Decor. The keyword here is comfort, as coastal decor is all about creating a vacation-like relaxed, comfy space. This decor style isn't just about throwing some nautical accessories over a worn, wooden chair, (although that will definitely help). It is about striking a tricky balance between carefree and upscale.

Coastal decor embraces the laid back vibe of living seaside. To start, select a palette of neutral tones such as white, eggshell, cream paired with nautical hues such as navy, coral, or teal. To create that comfortable coastal relaxed room utilizes recycled materials such as worn wood and rope as well as accents that would be found on the beach like anchors and seashells. Bring out the natural elements of your home with hardwood, shiplap walls, and lighting made out of natural materials.

A central element in this style is light, both natural and via the perfect lighting fixture. Here are some suggested Maxim fixtures for your future Coastal retreat:


Nautical Coastal

Hi Bay
Outland Wall Sconce

Natural Elements


White Neutrals

Cape Cod Mini Pendant

Here are some style tips to help you achieve that Coastal look:

1. Paint it white! - A great coastal themed room begins with a coat of fresh white paint. Don't let this color choice feel restrictive, you can play around with different shades such as off-white, cream, eggshell, etc.

2. Add some color - A staple of coastal decor is the contrast between your white and nautical hues. Choose your shade of blue or coral and add it to your sofas, chairs, or pillows. A blue and white striped color scheme is also very popular.

3. Incorporate some elements like wood (driftwood especially), shells, or rope to get that nautical element.

4. Let there be light! - To get the real beach house vibe to let in lots of light, both natural light and decorative lights from Maxim Lighting. The right fixtures will not only add that touch of style but also much-needed luminance to take your room to the next level.



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