The glam lifestyle evokes glitz and glitter, Old Hollywood opulence, and sophisticated elegance. One might picture laying on a lavish day bed in an enormous room with high vaulted ceilings, gold everywhere, surrounded by furs and crystals. This fantasy evokes class, style, and refined taste. Those same design principals can also translate to your interior design. As Maxim Lighting's brand ambassador Priscilla Semeleer (@BoldAndGoldDecor) states, "Glam Decor, it's elegant, over the top decor with a little boldness to create the perfect drama!" Elevate your home’s interior and be the star of your own Hollywood classic with Glam Decor.

Mastering the Glam look in your home is simpler than it seems. No, you don’t need to have gold plated ceilings and fixtures. In reality, it is recommended you start your glam room project with more neutral tones in the wall color and furniture. Ideally, you want to balance out show-stopping pieces with more streamlined furniture to keep your décor grounded and avoid looking gaudy. Pair neutral color tones with big bold patterns on everything from wall art and décor to bedding. Incorporate geometric shapes that call back to the Art Deco styling of the roaring 1920s when Hollywood Glam was at its peak.

Once you've established your neutral foundation and incorporated your statement patterns and colors, you can add a few more Glam-inspired pieces to accent the traditional décor. For starters, add a metallic sheen to your room’s look with silver and gold tones. Find small accessories with metallic tones such as a floor lamp or an end table. Additional materials that can help complete the glam look include marble, velvet, acrylic, glass, and sequins. One final touch you can add is decorative mirrors, the larger the better. These not only make a room appear larger, but they also add to the allure and opulence of your glam décor.

For the perfect spot to place a fabulous, room-completing statement piece, look no further than right above your head! As your final touch, add an eye-catching, show-stopping, breathtaking light fixture. Maxim’s glam lighting fixtures pair well with chic neutrals, metal accents, and lush textures. The Majestic collection offers hand-formed glass petals of Clear and Champagne-tint suspend from a tiered frame of gold and accented with pedals of solid metal finished in Gold Leaf. This collection would feel right at home in an old Hollywood bungalow or right in your own living room.

Looking to distinguish your glam a bit more? Try some of these glam sub-styles to fit any budget and any style:


High Impact Glam
This type of décor is created by heavy contrast between soft neutral tones in things like wall color and furniture layered with bold sharp colors such as black or blue.

Rustic Glam
A hybrid of rustic farmhouse and glam, this look features weathered wood, worn furniture paired with clean whites, distinct lines and a shiny touch that puts it back into the glam side of things.

Retro Glam
Utilizes vintage furniture and accessories. Heavy nods to the Art Deco style and geometric patterns. Oozing with classic 1960’s and 70’s nostalgia, yet modern and clean cut.

Soft Glam
An ultra-comfy spin on glam décor, created using monochromatic layers paired with neutral to light pastels. This style incorporates dramatic textures to make your decor pop!

Modern Glam
A modern take on glam décor, featuring layered neutrals, clean-cut soft textures, art deco patterns, metallic décor, bold prints, and a splash of color.

Hollywood Glam
The golden age of cinema may have only lasted from 1920-1963 but the elegant and sophisticated style is timeless. Feel like a Hollywood star in your own home by utilizing large curved furniture, utilize shades of white and gold as your main color palette. Top off with broad patterns and find pieces to add plenty of shine!