Whether you live in the suburbs or the hustle and bustle of the big city, one thing for sure is you don't have to live in the Little House on the Prairie to get the perfect Rustic look for your home. If glam decor is all about taking you to the stars, then Rustic is all about bringing you back down to earth.

Rustic can be a bit of an umbrella term, encapsulating everything from Classic Rustic to Modern Farmhouse to French Country. This style has an emphasis on repurposing vintage furniture and nature to create an inviting space that feels elegant, yet warm and authentic. The importance of Rustic Decor is on comfort. It should feel warm, inviting, and lived in, striking a balance between looking old-fashioned with a well-worn style that is unpretentious.

Key elements of this look include:
• Wood: using distressed or natural wood
• A Comforting Touch: adding elements of comfort such as woven rugs, flannel, and throw-blankets
• Vintage Accents: old dolls, antique tchotchkes and repurposed furniture work great
• Light It Up: always highlight your décor with the perfect light. Try something industrial or add some natural elements like wood to your fixture.


For some added personal flair check out these Rustic sub-styles:

Classic Country
This style of decor is straight out of the farmhouse and revamped for the modern-day. Classic Country décor provides the perfect balance of comfort, fuss-free design, practicality and style using natural materials, especially wood. Think exposed wood beams, brick fireplaces, and eclectic patterns. Relaxed, lived in and comfortable, this style is all about blending woven materials and antique accents.

Industrial Rustic
Old meets new as nature meets metal. In this style, you will see darker and heavier accents. From wrought iron fixtures, recycled woods, and vintage farmhouse machinery. Combining natural elements with these rougher, weathered industrial to create this beautiful mix called Modern Farmhouse.

Industrial Rustic
Contemporary meets cozy with Modern Farmhouse. Clean, sleek lines matched with cozy farmhouse materials create this updated view of country living. Lots of neutral colors and vintage accent pieces you can find at your local flea market.

French Country
A more polished take on rustic style, French Country is where casual elegance meets exposed wood and formal tapestries. It is common to find little figurines of birds or farm animals against a background with splashes of color. This version of Country Decor is more free and creative.