Introducing ET2 and Maxim's Wifi and WiZ-Enabled Smart Lights

Make your lights an active member of the household. Home lighting has evolved leaps and bounds beyond a simple on/off switch, becoming more in-tune with our individual lifestyles and routines. With ET2's smart lights, you can adjust the color, brightness and scheduling of your lights all from a smartphone or voice command. Smart lights are the next step in home luxury, offering users and impressive amount of specificity in how lighting compliments their daily lives.
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Convenience and Luxury

Forget fumbling for a light switch in the dark. Our state-of-the-art tech allows users to control light by voice command, smart phone app or even motion sensors. Set schedules, dim, and color tune from warm to bright white. For RGB color options, look at all our WiZ collaborations.

Let's Talk About Color
Paint the walls with light and completely remake the mood of your spaces. Thanks to our collaboration with Philips WiZ, our RGB-integrated collections can tune to any number of color preferences. Try a splash of summery sky blue or earth green to lift you up in the middle of a dark night or set the tone for a lively party.

Feel Secure While You're Away
Smart lights are for more than just aesthetics. Use automated light routines to mimic your schedule and prescence while you're way. You can even map lights to your phone so they will turn on before you walk inside! And that's peace of mind at the control of your phone

Upgrade Your Wellness
Light affects our circadian rhythm which, in turn, affects our well-being and functionality. Set your lights to gradually dim as nighttime wears on and create custom routines to better improve your quality of life.