The Power of Pin-Ups

Who doesn’t love a sconce? They provide much-needed supplemental light around your home and all the necessary coverage for ambient, task, and accent lighting. But traditional wall sconces are not ideal for every setting and situation. This is where a handy dandy pin-up light comes in. No wiring, significant installations or electrician needed. Just attach to a wall and plug it in. They’re perfect for bedside lights, in a reading area or even an office, and provide the same benefits of permanently-installed sconces. But beyond convenience, Maxim has a variety of pin-up styles to compliment and accentuate your home’s décor.

Why a Pin-Up?

Older buildings, especially those built over 40 years ago, may not be equipped to have a modern sconce wired and permanently installed.

Renting may put you off from investing the money and effort of a permanent fixture, which makes pin-ups all the more appealing.

Switching up your décor now and then can be a great way to refresh your spaces spur-of-the-moment, especially without having to deal with heavy-duty installations and re-installations

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