Maxim Lighting prides itself on creating lights that are not just innovative and stylish, but also sustainable. Sustainable lighting can be measured by the materials and processes that go into constructing a light, how that light impacts the environment, and the overall lifespan of the light. Here is how Maxim does its part to contribute such sustainable and efficient lights…

Recycled Materials

Maxim takes advantage of nontraditional materials that normally go unused or wasted to create one-of-a-kind, award-winning fixtures. Maxim has fixtures made from recycled cardboard, cement, marble and glass. Making use of these composite materials conserves resources and reduces landfill waste.

Java by Maxim

Allen by ET2

Megalith by Studio M

Impacting the Environment: Dark Sky

Excessive or misdirected artificial light contributes to light pollution which, unchecked, obscures the night sky, hiding stars and disrupting nocturnal wildlife. Excessive light often confuses animals about the time of day and upsets their circadian rhythm, altering their sleep cycles. This results in a dysfunctional ecosystem. To combat this, Maxim has designed Dark Sky-compliant fixtures that are both conscious of light output and have great curb appeal. These lights are directed downward to cut down on light pollution without sacrificing visibility, keeping our night skies full of stars and our ecosystems functioning normally.

Avenue by Maxim

Civic by Maxim

The Lifespan of Lights

Having a light that lasts means having a light that doesn’t go to waste. Maxim has developed the Vivex Collection to outlast common outdoor lights that can’t withstand the elements and die out long before they’re intended to go out. Where the average warrantied lifespan of most fixtures is 1 year, the Vivex Collection is 5. Vivex is an innovative material made from a proprietary blend of Emery rock, ground marble and a latex composite. The Vivex Collection withstands rusting from saltwater in Coastal environments and temperatures as high as 130°F or as low as -20°F, making it impressively durable and able to last its full lifespan, which means no unnecessary repairs or replacements.

The Vivex Process

iCorona by ET2

Groove by ET2
Longevity: LED

An average light fixture can burn out several times a year, creating lots of unnecessary waste. LED lights (light-emitting diode) are the most energy-efficient lighting source currently on the market because they don’t need to be replaced like traditional lights and have an incredible lifespan. Where traditional incandescent lights convert electrical energy into heat, and then into light, LEDs turn electrical energy directly into light, consuming less power and producing a fraction of the heat. ET2 smart lights take it one step further by adding dimmers, timer functions to avoid wasted electricity, and long lasting Phillips WiZ smart bulbs.