How would you describe your signature look?

My signature look would best be described as traditional mixed with contemporary.  The families that I work with are typically young families, athletes, and entertainers that are looking for warm, inviting and comfortable homes. I use a lot of large and overstuffed furniture. My husband and I have recently been building Cape Cod, east coast style homes, which fall in line with this style as well. 

How has your style evolved over time?
My style has evolved from several years of traveling across the country and working on whole home projects where I do everything from the beginning to end: down to decorating, furnishing and adding small touches like sheets, towels, wall coverings, and lighting (of course). Like most people nowadays, my clients are the type that are looking for instant gratification. Needless to say,  I have learned to adapt and be very quick at what I do to produce high-end design in a short amount of time. Maxim Lighting is perfect for this because of their in-stock program where I don't need to wait on delivery.

How did you know you wanted to become an interior designer? 

Well, this may sound crazy, but I was planning on going to law school, and I took a job at a furniture show room (for the two days a week that I was not in school). I just fell in love with the furniture and lighting displays. From there, I built my own showrooms that featured lighting and furniture that I found to be interesting and that worked together. I have been in the business ever since. It wasn't my intent and I never really had formal training at interior design but I love what I do, and am pretty good at it (LOL). 

What is the most recent project that you have used Maxim Lightning products? What did you like most about our lights? 

My husband and I built a beautiful Cape Cod style home in Studio City, CA and we used Maxim Lighting throughout the entire house. The house ended up being "The House of the Week" in the LA Times! We didn't even know it was going to happen; we opened the LA Times on a Sunday and there it was, a full page story on on the house we built. My son works with me and he picked out all of the lighting for this home. We had never gotten so many compliments— we used more contemporary lighting with this traditional home and it was such a big hit. 


Photos: Envision Glam

How important is lighting in interior design?  

Lighting is everything as it creates the ambiance for the home. In the building projects we do, we put chandeliers in almost every room — with LED cans being used in abundance in newer homes, it's nice to have that soft ambiance and great glow from a chandelier. Some of my favorite places to use a Maxim Chandelier is in the laundry room, a walk-in pantry, or a child's room. It is just something you wouldn't expect but it turns out looking really nice. I did, however, have a client request a four crystal chandelier in a twenty car garage, and that was a first for me. 

Where are you based?

I am based out of the LA Mart in downtown Los Angeles, where I have three furniture showrooms and one lighting showroom. My business has three parts: I am the middle man between decorators and designers (I sell Maxim Lighting to them). I design homes across the country. And my husband and I build homes together. 

What is your most memorable project? 

I was actually Prince's interior designer and that has always been a really memorable experience for me. I worked on his house when he made the album, "3121." We worked with the color purple (of course) throughout the house as well as using a crystal hanging chandelier that hung from the ceiling to the floor in one the rooms. I remember when we sat together on his piano and he sang to me for about fifteen minutes— I will never forget that. I still cannot believe he is gone. 

Do you have a favorite period or interior design style? 

I do not necessarily have a favorite style, I just like to go off the people that I work with and try to meet their needs. Personally, I like to focus on having a highly designed and styled home but also making it very livable. Some of my clients are NBA stars who are very tall, some are nearly 7 feet, so I have to work with larger pieces of furniture rather than average. I would say that is what I've come to be known for. 

In what ways do you get clients motivated and have them feel part of the project?

My clients hire me to take over a project from beginning to end, and make their dreams become a reality. I usually meet with them one time to discuss the colors that they like and then they leave and go on vacation for a week while I work on their house. Usually, it is a huge surprise, they don't even know what is coming and they love it. Everyone loves a good surprise. 

Envision Glam   is based in Los Angeles, California