What is your style inspiration?

Modern glam; a glamorous feel with a bold touch.

What makes Maxim your choice for lighting?

(Maxim) lights are one of a kind, the designs are absolutely impeccable and the quality of the lamps are top notch.

What reactions have you received from your Maxim fixtures?

The best part is the reaction I get from my clients, followers, and family members. They are literally mesmerized by the chandeliers and sometimes they don’t even have words. I enjoy that.

How has Maxim Lighting altered the look of your space?

Maxim Lighting has literally brought my lighting/design game to a different level. They are just masterpieces that complete my design.


Photos: @BoldAndGoldDecor

@BoldAndGoldDecor   is based in Orlando, FL   www.instagram.com/boldandgolddecor/?hl=en