What is your interior design style?

I would say my interior design style is more contemporary with emphasis on color patterns with an eclectic style.

What is the most recent project that you have used Maxim Lighting Products? 

The last project that I used Maxim Lighting was a living room in Ft. Myers, Florida, which wrapped up at the end of 2015. 

Can you describe the design process you went through to complete this design?

We built the entire room around the product, which was a 12-bulb lighting fixture. We saw the light first then chose complementary pieces such as a white couch and a blue rug. The design process usually goes both ways: lighting first then furnishings or furnishings first then lighting.

At what phase in the design process does lighting come into play?

The lighting phase comes in at the beginning. We spend a lot of time with lighting -- usually days. Lighting is essential to the design process, like jewelry on a dress it accents the main pieces. We typically focus on lighting at the beginning of the project as it really ties the everything together in the end.



Photos: Nicole White Designs Interiors, LLC

What inspires your interior design style?

Well, many things inspire, but my true inspiration is my four year old son. He considers himself an artist and loves to draw, and I'm always inspired by his free spirit. I'm an island girl too, so we are known for our color, passion, and texture.  Lastly, living in Florida, I get inspired by the outdoors and the lush greenery.

In what ways do you keep current with new and hip interior design trends?

Of course, I follow Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds of brands and industry influencers to see what's happening around me. I also attend furniture shows like High Point when I can just to stay connected. I like to have my own style though and I always advise clients to not overload on trends and use them in moderation. 

Are their any recent trends in lighting that have caught your attention?  

Yes, definitely brass obsessed. I just used brass in the last two projects, which I never thought that style would come back. Also, industrial style and using pendants in the kitchen and bath — I've seen a lot of that. It's always cool to see trends that are recycled.

What do you love most about being an interior designer?

I get to do what I love to do. I love to see clients blown away by the end result. As designers we always know the end result and clients get to see the entire process play out. To me, design is like home surgery -- bringing life into the homes and it is always a good feeling to make an impact.

What made you choose to become an interior designer?  

I actually have a degree in journalism and was a staff journalist at the Miami Herald before I became an interior designer. I didn't know that it would become my career, it was just an organic passion and hobby that turned into a career after some years.

In what ways, do you get a client motivated and excited for the upcoming project?hat ways do you get clients to feel motivated and part of the project? 

I like to send them sneak peeks to give them an idea on what's to come. I like to keep them excited through the entire process -- just as much as I stay excited. 

Nicole White Designs Interiors, LLC   is based in Miami, Florida   www.nwdesigninc.com