Once thought to be an opulent lighting fixture exclusively for the wealthy, chandeliers now come in various sizes, styles, and price points, making it easier than ever to find the chandelier that works best in your home. These can vary in size but are usually the focal point of any room.
Whether you are into Traditional, Mid-Century, Contemporary or anything in between, chandelier designs have evolved to meet any distinct style. Gone are the days when chandeliers just meant wrought iron holding up candles or lavish crystals. Now chandeliers can be made up of wood, brass, and chrome; in geometric designs that fuse modern with Contemporary. Chandelier light can be directed upwards, downwards, or ambient light that can be directed in all directions. 
Chandeliers not only vary in style and material but also in size. You can still find these grand size chandeliers, but most likely won’t fit in your home. These would be ideal in a foyer as a statement piece, the first thing guests see when they enter your home. A chandelier hanging above a dining room table is also another great look or above a stairwell. If you are looking for a real grand statement piece and you have the space for it, a grand chandelier (any fixture over 60” in diameter) speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a great decorative look and you’re low on space, a mini chandelier is the perfect solution. While they are mini on the size they have the full design details and construction of their larger counterparts. These minis look great in walk-in closets, bedrooms and bathrooms. Mini chandeliers are perfect for those small spaces that are in need of a little elegance.
As for sizing a chandelier diameter, first measure the size of the room. Take the length and width of the room and add them together. Then take this number and change it from feet to inches and voila you have your ideal chandelier diameter size.
The challenge in finding the right chandelier is the balance between being the centerpiece of your room and overpowering the room. Another thing to keep in mind is that depending on the size of the room the chandelier may not provide enough light to illuminate everything. A chandelier, while a focal point should be accompanied by accent lighting such as recessed lighting or task lighting.

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