"ec·lec·tic - deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources."
Unlike other decor styles that are defined by rules and stylistic guides, Eclectic Decor is more fluid and free-spirited. The style is grounded in the idea that connection can be found between all cultures, time periods and decor styles. Borrowing elements from various styles and melding them together, emphasizing personal touch. Eclectic décor is inspired by individual experiences and world views, unlike other styles it's truly a sum of its parts. If you are not one to be tied down to one specific type of decor, then Eclectic might be right for you.

Now Eclectic style is not a hodgepodge of stylings mixed together in some "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" way of decorating. Instead, there is an intentional and well-thought-out way of filling your space with design influence from across various forms. Although, a space might include countless design varieties, everything needs to feel like it belongs. In Eclectic décor, a room is based on feelings rather than period, décor or style. Here you will see a Victorian sofa paired with a glam shrug rug, a mid-century modern coffee table and a LED Chandelier.
As Corinna Henderson of @thebohoabode states, "I've always been drawn to the color and freedom of eclectic/global/bohemian style decor. Even as a child, I loved mixing elements of different styles and different cultures. It means expressing my life and feelings in the spaces that surround me and it turns into a beautiful thing."

For your type of Eclectic:

The Horgen
The Branch
Key Decor Elements:
• Start off with neutral colors on your walls, there is going to be a lot of color and patterns coming from other decor elements so you want to begin with a safe base.
• Layer on the wall coverings, choose a statement piece such as a woven tapestry, a large print wallpaper, painting, or mirrors to draw the eye. Layer different patterns on other furniture as well to create the ultimate eclectic decor
• A large part of this relies on your personal touch, mix handmade items with personal items, souvenirs from trips abroad, and more for a unique style that is 100% you. Don't be afraid to mix old with new.
• Bring your favorite decor styles together, use unique art and furnishings to create an unexpected blend of materials.
• Bring some life to your room with nature: plants, wooden accents, and more can help create tranquility in your space
• Don't forget utility, with such lax rules it is easy to let this style get away from you, but remember you still have to live in it, so make sure the space is still usable



Global design demonstrates how globally connected the world we live in truly is. It's an aesthetic to appreciate cultures around the globe and showcases its goods and products in refreshing and eclectic environments.



Comfortable and unconventional, the bohemian style evokes a social interest in the arts, making it a great interior design option for exploring patterns and a relaxed spirit.



With a focus on bringing the outdoor in, the New Bohemian features simple living concepts. It also contemplates a return to nature with indoor plants and bright Tropical colors as seen in "Jungalow" styling.



A new blend of Modern and Classic design, that can also be approached in an upscale
format. Exploring the nature of design;
lighting apparatuses and bold colors in traditional settings embody this look.