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Less is more.
While bordering on cliché, this turn of phrase is most impactful when applied to home decor. At its core, minimalist design is about cutting back on the superfluous and showcasing what is important. While having a room with fewer objects may sound like it’s easier to decorate, it can be tricky coming up with an alluring room. Strip away too much and a room becomes cold and sterile, not enough and it feels incomplete. The key to toning down a room without it feeling empty is in the decorative touches that bring life and warmth to a minimalist room. On the allure of this style minimalist decor influencer Elizabeth Bear states, "It gives me a sense of peace and calm. I love clean lines with a modern flair, but with warmth and am drawn to organic products. There is something very soothing, to me, about natural materials."
The first step in converting a room into a minimalist sanctuary is reducing excess and clutter. Channel your inner Marie Kondo and begin decluttering, keeping only what you deem important. The idea is not to create a boring, empty environment but instead to create a peaceful retreat. Less is more, remember to organize according to priority. If you're still having some trouble letting go, utilize furnishings that double as storage, perfect for those that love the minimalistic look but are true maximalists on the inside. (I.e. Storage benches, ottomans, bookcases, and baskets) Be a little utilitarian when selecting accessories, remember every object needs to have a place and a purpose. Emphasizing the "minimal" in minimalism, the few decorative objects used need to be functional, down to the lighting, such as a floor lamp, chandelier, or maybe a minimal pendant.
Keep in mind, when there are fewer things to see, there is more importance on the quality of the decor, which means every piece plays a major role in the overall feel of a room. Better to highlight those pieces with the perfect light, here are some suggestions.

For your type of Minimal:

The Charlton
Stripped Down Traditional
The Molecule
Stripped Down Traditional
The Haven
Modern Minimal
The Gourd
Loud & Clear
Style Tips:

1. Start with a neutral wall color, think clean and serene. This base color will help put your mind and stress levels at ease. Shake things up a bit with some white paint that has some colorful under-tones, such as a yellow or blue. If you want to include some color, make sure it’s a solid tone that pairs well with neutrals
2. Minimalist does not mean boring. When selecting your decor, side with quality, thoughtful pieces that add something unique to your room. Go with classic, high-quality pieces over trendy and cheap.
3. Add some life to your neutral color walls with some texture. Rugs, blankets, knit pillows, can all had a sense of comfort to a minimalist room, as long as these textures match your wall color.
4. Let there be light! Natural light can help a room feel more lively and warm, this helps with minimalist decor.

Stripped Down Traditional

Stripped of superfluous elements, this approach to the design pairs well with a more traditional setting while paying homage to the classics.
This design aesthetic at its core embraces minimalist concepts. The transitional nature of the product allows it to pair well in a wide variety of styles.
Modern Minimal

Modernist pioneers, such as the Finnish Alvar Aalto and Bauhaus' Walter Gropius, led the way to the minimalist aesthetic. Minimalist design advocates for simplicity and the utilitarian nature of a product. Today, these products are breaking new ground being used more and more in juxtaposition with traditional settings.
Loud and Clear

Transparent products give volume while also exposing the structure of the product. Mies van der Rohe strove to deconstruct architecture by replacing walls with glass, likewise products that employ clear glass create elements that demonstrate "less is more."