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“Not your grandmother's style" might just be the perfect way to explain New Traditional, also known as "Traditional with a Twist". While these days’ people may think traditional as dated or antiquated, it receives a breath of fresh air with hints of modern touches that bring traditional design into the 21st century. As New Traditional designer Karen Snyder states,  

"From my perspective, new traditional decor is the intersection of classic pieces with an unexpected twist. Perhaps it's a traditional sofa or chair with a rustic, farmhouse coffee table or a classic cabinet with modern hardware. Even the simple addition of a boldly colored accent wall or in the case of lighting, mixing metals, can create a ‘new’ look in a traditional space. The blending of different styles with the anchor of traditional pieces makes new traditional decor accessible to everyone."  


New Traditional emphasizes modern conveniences and luxuries while still preserving the upscale elegance of traditional decor. Think of traditional lines and decor with updated materials, colors, and textures. In a sense, this decor style gives you the best of both worlds between traditional and modern design. Blending elements of classic design like chinoiserie, scallops, natural fiber rugs, topiaries, and more, with a contemporary edge. :

Stay inspired with New Traditional and don't be afraid to mix in accents from different genres, but to an extent. Accessorize your traditional end tables with a glam modern lamp, add in an oriental rug to really tie the room together, don't forget to bring some life to your space with some plants, but do not mix sets like furniture. This style is all about purposeful refinement without looking thrown together, a careful curation is happening with each piece.

When thinking of traditional decor it's natural to imagine mono-color schemes and oversized furniture, however this update on traditional is all about a streamlined look. Bring this decor to the modern age by adding color. Unlike other decor styles, you no longer need to keep your color palette neutral, but rather add in some pops of color like pink, grey, blue, etc.

For your type of New Traditional:


Bring in the Color

Break up any monochromatic room with some contrasting colors. When adding in colors be sure to layer similar, matching colors to give off pops of color and show off your personal touch.

A Splash of Eclectic

Mix and match prints and patterns to bring a lived-in comfortable vibe to your home. Ensure everything matches, from accent pillows, to end tables, to table lamps. Everything needs to feel like it belongs.

Old Meets New

Use traditional furniture, such as sofas with rounded backs and armrests, however, these can be modernized and reupholstered with modern fabrics to make them more practical feeling and purpose