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Mid-Century or Post Modern, is a decor style created as a snapshot of a future that never happened. With origins in the 1940s and 50’s, it found resurgences in the 80’s and 90’s, staying popular to this day. Birthed in an era that gave rise to post-WWII American prosperity, designers began looking forward to the future with suburbanization, the space race, and newfound materials that are all influential to Mid-Century design.

This style, a 1950's take on the perceived future aesthetic is solidified as a standalone era of fashionable decor. The characteristics of this style are very distinct, drawing on form and function with clean lines, geometric patterns, organic colors, and materials that were innovative for the era.

The design elements show up in Post Modern lighting as well. Designs are freed from traditional outlines to accentuate the mid-century motif. Sputnik style pendants, unorthodox shaped floor lamps, and mixed materials such as brass & glass were popular design choices as styles got more and more experimental. Color schemes were just as important, with Black & Gold being one of the most popular.

Elements such as wood, metal, tweed, were staples of this decor. As well as the embracing of new materials, including plastic. The clean lines of the decor were emblematic in sofas and tables that featured tapered legs to bring a more lived-in look to traditional decor. Geometric and abstract shapes were the inspiration for lighting fixtures as well as prints found throughout.
Because this style has a vintage tone there are plenty of heirloom options readily available to be a part of your home's collection. There are also a plethora of modern furniture capitalizes on this aesthetic and you can find pieces made in the same design/style. Thrift store ready decor, blend old and new mid-century pieces with novelty decor or retro art prints for a charming and eclectic gallery wall.

For your type of Post Modern:

Between the appreciation of the hottest design trend from 70 years ago to the cyclical nature of fashion, Mid-Century is back and hotter than ever as a decor trend. These pieces were also known for being well made and built to last the test of time.
Bring in the color - No more boring neutrals, attention-grabbing palettes of aqua blue, burnt orange, avocado, and coral play well with navy, gray, and black hues. Or include colors like burgundy, pink, and royal blue into your space through accessories
Function over frills - Not to say this should be minimal and straight, novelty can be had with fun geometric shapes, tapered furniture legs, organic curves, and soothing, clean lines.
Mix Materials - For a true Mid Century Modern experience one must successfully combine urban decor with naturally occurring materials. Exposed wood, earth-tone palettes, and natural light are all key components
A glimpse of the future (from the past) - Aside from low to the ground furniture and tapered legs, one of the most prominent features of this style are the conceptual shapes found in everyday decor. Egg-shaped chairs, sputnik shaped lighting fixtures, geometric desks, and more. There should be a piece of decor in your home that looks straight out of the Jetsons.