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Let your home's decor tell a story. With Vintage Style decor, your furniture and accessories are the star of the show, offering nostalgia and a connection to your favorite time period. Whether furnished with family heirlooms, flea market finds, antique store treasures, or brand new pieces, this decor is bursting with nostalgia. Vintage decor harkens back to a specific period, where goods were made with the highest attention to detail and were built to last.

Vintage is all about being sustainable and reusing/upcycling vintage finds and giving these items a new life. For example, you can use a vintage chest or stacked suitcases as a new coffee table with character. Repurpose an old steel gas can as a flower vase or an antique wooden milk crate as you throw blanket storage. This style is all about taking something old and using it in a new way, revitalizing their purpose. Simple, yet perfect.

The setting for this style is within spaces of solid/weathered wood, brass, wrought iron, and Edison style bulbs. Vintage inspires you to include various eras in your home decor, think Victorian, Early American Colonial, Art Deco, Baroque, and more! Vintage style takes the best parts of the past and makes them relevant for today. Bringing you a sense of warmth like grandma or your great grandmother’s house but taking the direction of what works today.

For your type of Vintage:

Achieve this look by throwing in some pieces handed down or found at your local second-hand store, these add to the narrative you are trying to tell with your decor. Romantic spring colors and distressed finishes to create a sense of warmth and bring back great memories, while also helping you create new ones. You can also find great new pieces that have taken on the characteristics of the past but still maintain the efficiency and value of a newer piece. In lighting, that might be distressed finishes, natural metal tones, and vintage style bulbs. This has become such a hot style trend that you can easily find brand new furniture and decor that are purposely made to look older, to fit this design. These new pieces can be made to look old, with some wear and tear added for effect.

Vintage decor is all about filling your home with charm and character of the era’s gone by. This is the preferred decor of those who can find beauty in the old and distressed. Imperfect and frayed furniture is seen as more of a challenge than as an excuse to throw it away. This style encompasses everything from lightly used, 10+ year old furniture, all the way to 100+ year old antiques.

Thumbnail1 The Mini Hi-Bay Collection
Vintage is an umbrella term, not necessarily a specific time period. So it can encompass everything from Victorian style to mid-century, to art deco, to groovy 70's decor.
Thumbnail1 The Cape Cod Collection
If you're shopping for the real thing: consignment shops, antique markets, garage sales will be your hot spots. Or save some time and energy and buy new pieces that are authentic to the period it was inspired by.
Thumbnail1 The Candella Collection
Rooms should be honest to the details, be it home accents or furniture. But not cluttered, everything should have a purpose.
Thumbnail1 The New School Collection
Your home is not a museum or diorama, it is okay to mix in some new and modern accessories.