Sizing & Spacing: Chandeliers/Pendants

Linear Pendant – When installing a linear pendant over a kitchen island be sure to center the fixture in the middle 2/3 of the island.

Multiple Single Pendants – If you are installing multiple single pendants over an island ensure that the individual fixtures are 30” apart. If the fixture hangs down, ensure that it is 30-36” above the island.

Above a Rectangular Dining Table – When planning a fixture such as a chandelier or pendant over a standard rectangular/square dining table ensure the light is centered. Leave a minumum of 6” from the edges and hang the light 30-36” from the table top.

Above a Round Table – Similar to a rectangular table, leave about 30-36” from the table top to the bottom of your fixture. To match your round table choose a lightign fixture with a width measuring somewhere between ½ and ¾ of your tables diameter.

Chandelier High Ceilings – Allow your chandelier to make a grand statement. If your ceilings are 10’ or higher we recommend using two-tiered chandeliers. These larger chandeliers usually include a chain or down rods so be sure to note overall height. To determine the right size chandelier works best for you, refer to our sizing guide here.

Pendants/Semi-Flush Mounts – Ensure your hanging fixture’s lowest point are at the same level or higher than any neighboring doorways to avoid any ducking necessary. The fixture should hang at least 7’ from the floor and should be at minimum 4’ from any nearby walls.