Maxim Lighting is a proud, multi-generational brand built on ingenuity, passion, and dedication. After immigrating to the United States in 1965, Jacob Sperling used his student visa to bring his vision of superior lighting and customer service to brilliant life. Studying aeronautics by day, nights were spent in his makeshift garage factory. Here, he used skills and techniques learned from his day job with a lighting retailer to forge innovative new lighting products. Thus, Maxim Lighting® was born. Overwhelmed by eager customers, the business quickly outgrew Jacob's California-traversing station wagon and he realized Maxim was no longer a one-man business. Wanting to share his success with those he loved most, Jacob reached out to his brother Zvi Sperling, who would join the company in 1970 to provide stellar customer service.

By 1975, the brothers not only offered over 150 unique lighting product designs, they surpassed their first million in revenue and completely outgrew the original garage workshop. In the years that followed, they would eventually employ a virtual army of lighting specialists and craftspeople - over 400 today - as well as double the size of their warehouse to over 200,000 square feet. As their workforce and facilities grew, so did their ambition: the first Maxim Lighting China office opened in 1992, giving Jacob and Zvi unprecedented access to new materials and possibilities in lighting innovation.

In 2003, the brothers launched the Maxim Lighting Builder's Program to give individuals in the construction and home building industry a network of manufacturer sales representatives primed to deliver the right lighting solutions for their needs. The following year, another flagship program - ET2 Contemporary Lighting™ - introduced sleek, modern design to the commercial and hospitality industries, enabling them to discover Maxim Lighting products with clean lines and silhouettes that are ideally suited to their facilities and decor.

A peerless leader in lighting innovation, 2017 finds Maxim still deeply grounded in family, as the next generation of Sperlings - Naomi, Nathan, Adena, and Dahlia - strengthen and expand the capabilities of the Maxim brand for its clientele. The future is decidedly bright as the next generation takes the reins at Maxim, and the company's family values and gratitude toward its loyal clientele shine through new ideas, new designs, and new services that emerge from a grounded tradition of customer service and excellence.