6" Extension Stem


Collection: Accessories Click for Addtional Information on the Cubic Collection
Type: Accessories


Number of Bulb: N/A
Light Type: N/A
Bulb Type: N/A An average rating, in hours, indicating when 50% of a large group of lamps have failed, when operated at nominal lamp voltage and current; manufacturers use 3 hours per start for fluorescent lamps and 10 hours per start for HID lamps when performing lamp life testing procedures; every lamp type has a unique mortality curve that depicts its average rated life. For Photo-Optic specialty lamps, average rated life refers to the operating period after which on statistical average, 50% of the lamps will perform within their specified values.
Bulb Max Wattage: N/A
Total Wattage: 0

Width: 0.45"
Height: 6"
UPS Shippable: Yes Any box shipped via UPS that that is larger than 3 cubic feet in size will be charged shipping costs based on its dimensional weight rather than the actual weight of the package.

Safety Rating: N/A

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